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Chapter 2 Intersectionality Spreads

one of 4 intersectionality spreads in chapter 2

Print all 4 spreads for a group discussion.

Available in 2 sizes.

We consider these intersectionality spreads, found in Chapter 2 on pages 22 – 29, to be the beating heart of the book. Alone, in a class, and for discussion settings, these 2-page spreads can be used to provide an immersive powerful experience, demonstrating how cross-movement connections create the alliances critical to building a global movement for justice.

We are pleased to make two sizes of the posters available for printing. We encourage you to use them to enrich an understanding of the solidarity underpinning intersectional justice. We suggest posting the banners in the room for participants to “tour,” with instructions to identify issues, interlinking oppressions, and cross-movement justice struggles across issues and borders. 

11 x 17 actual size

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this size paper.

This is the size 

printed in the book.

33 x 48 poster size

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