Why Palestine Matters

Why Palestine Matters

Why Palestine MattersWhy Palestine MattersWhy Palestine Matters

The Struggle To End Colonialism


It's not just a book!

This precious collection transcends description to offer prescription. It offers piercing, factual analyses not just to educate but, crucially, to empower and mobilize people of conscience into morally-consistent action to stand with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.
~Omar Barghouti

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We could be free... by rap artist Vic Mensa

What Palestine Taught Me About American Racism

TIME magazine: ...The parallels between the black American experience and the Palestinian experience are overwhelming. Staring into the worm-infested water tank on top of a dilapidated house in Aida refugee camp, I can’t help but think of Flint, Michigan, and the rust-colored lead-poisoned water that flows through their faucets. As I gaze over the 25-foot “separation wall,” the economic disparity is acutely transparent...

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