To Exist is to Resist

Six Miles Out - A film crew spends the night at sea with a group of Gaza fishermen. You will feel like you are on board as well – even as shots ring out from the Israeli military, out to scare them away. 


Rim Banna: Songs from a Lost Homeland

Music is an important weapon of cultural resistance and a means of safeguarding national identity for those Palestinian musicians living inside Israel and occupied east Jerusalem.  

"As Palestinians of 1948, we have struggled to stay on our land," says Rim Banna, a singer from Nazareth in northern Israel.

This divestment bill hurts my feelings! [BDS]

Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian-American poet, performs his poem about the time-honored protest tradition of non-violent economic actions.

Newly discovered MLK speech [BDS]

This excerpt from a newly discovered speech lifts up the important role of nonviolent resistance, especially in the form of economic actions. Speaking in London in December 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “… we in America and Britain have a unique responsibility, for it is we, through our investments, through our governments' failure to act decisively, who are guilty of bolstering up the South African tyranny…"

The danger of neutrality

Resistance to oppression is a human right. This short TED-talk by Anna Baltzer urges listeners to take the side of justice and human rights.

Punishing Supporters of Palestine

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, BCRI, a US civil rights group, rescinded their invitation to human rights activist Angela Davis to honor her with the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award. This set off firestorm of criticism and they reversed position again and honored her. Soon after, CNN fired its political commentator, Mark Lamont Hill, for making a pro-Palestine speech at the United Nations.